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A Helm chart for unbound DNS resolver.

Type: application Version: 1.0.3 AppVersion: 0.1.0


  • helm - Refer to their docs to get started.


To use this chart add the repo as follows:

helm repo add pascaliske

If you had already added this repo earlier, run helm repo update to retrieve the latest versions of the packages.

To install this chart simply run the following command:

helm install unbound pascaliske/unbound

To uninstall this chart simply run the following command:

helm delete unbound


The following values can be used to adjust the helm chart.

Key Type Default Description
affinity object {} Pod-level affinity. More info here.
controller.annotations object {} Additional annotations for the controller object.
controller.enabled bool true Create a workload for this chart.
controller.kind string "Deployment" Type of the workload object.
controller.labels object {} Additional labels for the controller object.
controller.replicas int 1 The number of replicas.
controller.strategy.rollingUpdate.maxSurge int 1 Specifies the maximum number of Pods that can be created over the desired number of Pods.
controller.strategy.rollingUpdate.maxUnavailable int 0 Specifies the maximum number of Pods that can be unavailable during the update process.
controller.strategy.type string "RollingUpdate" Strategy used to replace old pods.
env[0] object {"name":"TZ","value":"UTC"} Timezone for the container.
fullnameOverride string ""
image.pullPolicy string "IfNotPresent" The pull policy for the controller.
image.repository string "" The repository to pull the image from.
image.tag string .Chart.AppVersion The docker tag, if left empty chart's appVersion will be used.
nameOverride string ""
resources object {} Compute resources used by the container. More info here.
service.dns.annotations object {} Additional annotations for the service object.
service.dns.enabled bool true Create a service for DNS endpoints.
service.dns.labels object {} Additional labels for the service object.
service.dns.nodePort string nil If the service is NodePort, specify a node port value here.
service.dns.port int 5053 The service port used.
service.dns.single bool true Combine TCP and UDP endpoints in a single service.
service.dns.type string "ClusterIP" The service type used. string "" Specify the service account used for the controller.
tolerations list [] Pod-level tolerations. More info here.


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